Located by the harbour in Copenhagen, Studio Arhoj is
a Danish interior & design studio run by Anders Arhoj.
Originally founded in Tokyo in 2006, Studio Arhoj is now
based in Denmark.

In addition to exploring the relationship between
Scandinavian simplicity and traditional Japanese culture
we are interested in keeping alive traditions and
knowledge about old crafts such as wheel throwing
and glaze construction.  

We are in love with the honesty of clay, glaze
and the magic that one set of human hands can
produce, creating objects that are both affordable
and unique.






1) Are you looking for a store that sells our stuff?
Please check out our WHERE TO BUY page.


2) We do not sell directly to private individuals from our studio


3) We are currently not looking for more stores or webshops in Denmark.

Thank you


Sturlasgade 14M, 1.
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
mail: anders{a}arhoj.com

Photo by Erin Gleeson, Oakland summer 2012
Ceramic & paint works interiors, 2012
Styling a video shoot for Danish band Shanghai
Yoko & Anders, Harajuku photo booth
Mixing original stoneware glazes for new prototypes
Studio wall
Mountain Tidal Flow, 3 piece ceramic exhibition with Louise Gaarmann, Copenhagen 2012
Mabo-chan wearing a Dr. Death tee in Tokyo
Toy workshop with RINZEN - http://rinzen.com/?id=348
Gaarmann & Arhøj by Lasse Bech Martinussen
Danish DeeJay Awards 2012. The Kjeld Tolstrup Award goes to Shanghai.
At work in Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo
Watercolour drawing of the Smask & Co character Dolores
Building letters for a Soundvenue Magazine editorial
Working with gold leaf in the borderlands of bad taste...
Testprint for chair- and pillow fabric design
Silver clouds and black oil rain drops made for 1206 party
Yoko, Mabo & Anders, Pure Lady photo booth, Shimokitazawa
Shipping out the new Woven Flesh collection to stores in Denmark
Shirt archive
Yoko & Anders, Shibuya photo booth
Baking Kuro-shaped cookies for the 1206 1 year Black Birthday party
A necklace of paper skulls on the wall
The Venom Yum interpretation of the Danish classic "Margurit". Painted wood and 22 carat gold leaf.
Desk closeup
Testing new cupcake recipes for kids baking book
Yellow Walker